Dear JROTC Parents and Guardians,

   As a proud parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the Junior ROTC at Englewood High School (EHS), we would like to offer this letter of welcome and introduction. The EHS JROTC program is jointly sponsored by Duval County Public Schools and the Department of the Army. Our program is devoted to motivating young people to be better citizens. While your student will be issued a uniform to wear and we use a military organizational structure, rest assured your son or daughter is not being recruited for service in the Armed Forces. Our program challenges students to develop their leadership and team building skills with a goal of improving their ability to achieve in and out of the classroom.

   Physical training (PT) is also a part of our integrated curricula. We conduct this training every Friday during normal class period. Training includes push-ups, sit-ups, running and other exercises along with instruction in healthy eating habits and other wellness topics. Your students should wear running-style tennis shoes and wear or bring appropriate exercise clothing (shorts and t-shirt) to class on these days.

In the first few weeks of JROTC your child will be earning their right to wear a JROTC uniform. They must memorize the JROTC Cadet Creed and learn the rank structure for both the regular Army officers and enlisted members as well as the JROTC cadet rank structure. Once they have satisfactorily completed these requirements, understand the grooming requirements, and received instruction on how to properly wear and maintain the uniform, they will receive their uniform.

   All JROTC uniforms and uniform items are provided free of charge. However, uniforms and associated uniform items must be returned when a student leaves the program or as required by the instructor for inventory purposes. As parents/guardian, you must accept responsibility to pay for lost or damaged uniforms before the student can receive his or her uniform. Proper wear of the uniform is a program requirement and will represent 50% of your student’s grade. Correctly wearing the uniform helps students learn to take pride in their personal appearance and to pay attention to details. Uniform day is each Monday or Tuesday, depending on their schedule; please help your cadet look their best.

   As part of being enrolled in JROTC, your student is eligible to participate in the after-school activities. Students can participate in training in order to compete on one of our competitive teams. These teams include Color Guard, Drill Team, Exhibition Drill Team, Raider Team or the Academic Team. These activities also provide additional leadership training and opportunities for cadets. Please encourage your child to participate in in one or more of these extracurricular activities which will help them grow socially and further their development as a cadet.

We are always excited to see the leadership potential of our Cadets. Your student-cadet will earn cadet rank and gain additional leadership responsibilities within the Corps of Cadets based on their hard work and performance. We will challenge all cadets to live up to the line in the Cadet Creed that states: “I will always be accountable for my actions and deeds.” Our goal is to help them reach their potential and see the possibilities of what they can become. College and Career Ready!

If you have any issues, questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at the JROTC office. 

If you would like to become one of our volunteers for the various events our Cadets participate in, please visit the Duval County Public Schools Volunteer application site